Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sharing a villa in Italy for a month with some of your closest friends .....

Yes its happening.... We are off to Italy. The villa is booked and rooms have been filled, so now the fun begins...

Welcome to the official blog for all our friends who are joining the adventure in Italy 2011. I thought that it might be fun to create a blog to record the preparation and execution of a longtime dream.

Hopefully those of you who follow this blog will either be joining the fun or interested in how our ambitious  holiday plans unfold.

What ever your reason enjoy the posts and please feel free to participate by adding, comments, ideas thoughts and even opinions.....

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  1. how can i add a blog entry Rod? I have a running list of things to consider which folks might have info about already: eg
    - mobile phone sim cards to use in France/Italy
    - car rental / or leaseback
    - wi-fi spots in Italy: i am told they all require lots of info for anti-terrorism tracking
    - kid friendly locations /parks /activities/food
    - laptop/netbook/ipad ideas
    - is there an app for locating laundromats?
    - my itinerary - anyone else getting an apartment in ....
    - train info
    - pre-booking museums eg the Uffizzi
    etc etc